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How to Create a Gallery Wall in Your Apartment

Thanks to cell phone cameras with ultra-high resolution, and our need to capture every moment, we take more pictures now than ever before. But, most of them simply end up collecting digital dust on micro-SD cards.

Why not put all those great pictures to use?

You can create a gallery wall with the help of your favorite art pieces and prints. If side angle of your gallery wall is visible, you have to look for the similar pieces to add some depth. You can add lovely pieces to your entire gallery to signify the importance of love. If you want a formal display, you can hang matching frames symmetrically. It is easy to create your personalized space with the help of following ideas:


Casual and Electric Look

For a casual look, you can try frames in different sizes with an organic shape. If you want an exciting look, you should consider uniformity among frames. Your art pieces should have one thing common to give a cohesive feel. If you want to use different frames, make sure to follow a particular color palette. Make sure to have some repeating sizes.

Organic Gallery Wall

On your gallery wall, you can work creatively and mix different wall décors. You can consider vinyl sayings, jewelry, signs, clocks, wooden letters, and mirrors. If you are looking for an organic shape on a gallery wall, you should maintain a top – bottom and left – right balance. Middle of your wall will not be the best spot to start. You can visualize a grid on the wall and plan your artwork around it.

Make a Personalized Statement

If you want to create a custom gallery wall, you can mix photography and paintings, and black-and-white colors. You can crop images because cropping helps you to grab the attention of people toward images.


Focal Point and Restore Old Photos

Before designing your gallery wall, the middle of your display should be at the level of the eye. Keep them off the ground and use a particular arrangement to display your favorite images. You can restore old photos by eliminating color deterioration, tears, and spots. You can restore your images with the help of your scanner, computer, and printer.


Wall color is an important element to consider because appropriate wall color can enhance your photographs. You should choose a wall color to add some drama to your gallery wall.