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Utilize Your Apartments Hallways for Living Space

Minimalist design doesn’t mean that your apartment has to suffer in either function or aesthetics. Whether your apartment is small or large, CribRater believes that maximizing living space is a key to improving the functionality of your place. What’s one area that you use multiple times a day but is largely ignored when it comes to interior design? Your hallways.

Remember Your Hallways

Your hallways are a wasted space, from a design standpoint. Sure, maybe you have a painting, a mirror, or some framed photos hanging, but the rest of the space is lost.

It doesn’t have to be.


There are some easy ways to utilize your hallway to improve the beauty and function of your home – freeing up space in the rest of your place, making other rooms feel bigger, less cluttered, and more functional:

Wide Hall? Put in Cabinets

Narrow hallways won’t allow this, but if you have wide halls, consider cabinets (especially tall, thin cabinets) for your hallway. If you are looking to store your extras, particularly the stuff you rarely use, some hallway cabinets will allow you a great deal of extra storage without sacrificing your precious closet space.

Keep seasonal items in here. Your new cabinets can be installed high up, near the ceiling, to keep them from getting in the way.

Turn Your Halls into a Library

While wall-space may be a premium in your main apartment, hallway walls are a perfect place for your bookshelves. Much like cabinets, you can play with the placement of the shelves to maximize space.




This requires a wide hallway, but if you want to keep your bedroom, living room, and kitchen as enjoyable areas, consider setting up a stand up desk or shelf for work in your hallway. Retractable or hangable shelves offer you a way to work while you’re working, then store your workspace when you’re done. If you live in a small apartment with roommates, this small work area can be a lifesaver.


If they’re wide enough, consider setting up a full desk in your halls.


Laundry Area

This tip is applicable only if you can alter the walls in your apartment. A simple cut out gives you a space to install a small washer and dryer, freeing up a lot of usable area in your apartment. Shelves installed over the laundry machines provide a storage area for detergent, towels, and freshly-folded laundry.