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Improve Your Home Decor with Potted Plants

They’re beautiful, fragrant and colorful.  When it comes to natural plants, there’s nothing more refreshing than bringing a little bit of the outdoors indoors.  Plants at home are a subtle way to spruce up your home decor, as well as encourage a healthier home lifestyle.

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As plants photosynthesize and output breathable oxygen, they act as a filtration system by removing carbon dioxides and other toxic vapors including carbon monoxide from the air.  While a single plant addition to your home may not result in a noticeable difference in air purity, having a few plants should prove more effective, especially if you live in a tightly sealed building with little air flow.  Some of the best plants are filtering out these pollutants are peace lilies, English ivy, chrysanthemum, spider plants and azaleas.

If you’ve ever wondered whether the plants in hospital rooms were just for decoration, the answer is a confident no.  Studies have shown that plants lower systolic blood pressure, pain, anxiety and fatigue, promoting healing and rejuvenation. But for a healthy individual, plants seem to encourage greater concentration, memory retention, and productivity, which make them perfect for office spaces, home offices and desks surfaces.

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Before you rush out to buy several of the brightest and bushiest plants your local nature supply store has to offer, consider first a few rules of plant and home décor to abide by in order to make your plants stand out and work with the interior design you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Improve Your Home Decor with Potted Plants

Know the space you have in mind for your plant.  It’s important to know things like how much sun the area gets, moisture levels and, even, the aesthetics you’re going for.  Without this information, it’ll be hard to discern which plants will fit the bill.  Too little sun or too much moisture will kill your plant, so make sure to do your research before purchasing.

Orchids, for example, love moisture.  Placing them in a sunny bathroom where they’ll get the steam from showers will help them thrive.

Additionally, be sure you pick a plant that fits the amount of time and effort you’re willing to put into it so you can give your plant the best chance at longevity.

Avoid grouping potted plants on the ground.

Unless you’re throwing back to the ‘70s, a series of plants will make a space feel cluttered and rather dated.

Instead, plan out your space to feature your plants so that each makes a statement of its own.  If you do want some plant groupings, choose species that varying in color, size, texture and shape and play with heights by placing plants on tables, a stack of books, or overhead. For more tips on home decor, sign-up below for CribRater news.