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5 Tips For Furnishing Your Crib

Furnishing your Crib from scratch is really time consuming and expensive. It’s hard no matter if you have a shoestring budget or if you are willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars setting up the apartment of your dreams.

Top 5 Tips On Furnishing Your Crib

  1. Splurge: Bed and Sofa

The most important element in any apartment, and the first item in furnishing your crib. Where will you spend most of your time? Chances are, unless you work from home, either your bed or couch will be the most used item. Therefore, they aren’t really items you want to skimp on. This doesn’t mean you need to blow your budget on them, but rather focus on high quality, strong named brand items that you can find on sale at a department store or online. Do your research and scour the reviews.

Department stores have excellent seasonal sales (4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) so keep your eyes peeled for sales to maximize the value and minimize the hit to your budget. These two items are very important to pick out in-person rather than online in order to test the quality and color. A good couch or mattress could last you 7-10 years, so it’s much better to buy a durable, high quality one rather than re-purchasing the same crappy Ikea one every two years. Make sense?

bed    bed2

  1. Save: Trendy Décor and Accessories

Incorporate the latest trends in your crib but don’t spend a fortune doing it because you may get tired of it and they are easy to update to give your apartment a fresh feel. Decorate your place with cool framed wall prints and unique mirrors and wall clocks from Ikea.


  1. Splurge: Bedding and Towels

This goes back to the “use” test in #1. Unless you are a smelly vampire, you will use your bed and towels every single day. Invest in high quality white cotton towels that are high thread counts that can withstand many cycles in the washing machine (think Ralph Lauren, Matouk, Serena and Lily, Lacoste).

Gathering The Perfect Furnishing Fixtures

You can even snag these name brand items at Home Goods / TJ Maxx or outlet mall, so spending a fortunate is a requisite for these items. You won’t regret it and your house guests will thank you.

bedding bedding2

  1. Save: Kitchen Utensils & Drinkware

I love Waterford Crystal and Riedel as much as anyone, but I save the fancy stemware for special occasions. For daily use, I gravitate to my Ikea stemware because I don’t feel guilty when they break in the sink (or when I drop them!). Same goes for water glasses and coffee mugs. No one is going to know the difference between plain, white ceramic dishes from Ikea vs. Crate and Barrel, so why pay a 20-30% premium for Crate and Barrel? Only caveat: don’t microwaves in dishes made in China!

furnishing your crib 2

  1. Save: Picture Frames

I love pictures of friends and family in my crib. The key to this trend is to pick consistent types of frames materials in various shapes and sizes. Go for an all silver, gold or wood frames in various sizes and shapes in all different discount stores to create an eclectic but cohesive look. Check out West Elm, TJ Maxx, Ikea or Michaels for a wide array of frame options that are very cost effective.

picture frames         picture frames2

If you have any other tips on furnishing your crib, then subscribe below and let us know.