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Finding a New Apartment Quickly

Finding a new apartment in New York City takes a lot of diligent research, time, and effort. The best decisions are informed decisions. Knowing your financial situation helps you choose the best rent range, neighborhood, and amenities. But, what about when you need to find a new apartment in a hurry? Emergencies, job loss, family problems, divorce, and a slew of other issues can hit without notice, and leave you scrambling to find a new apartment.

Young woman using smart phone on the streets of NYC
Pounding the payment is one option during your apartment search

How To Find A New Apartment In A Hurry

Manage Your Expectations

If you’ve ever been traveling and had issues finding a hotel – they won’t take your method of payment, they don’t accept cash, the place is full – you know how frustrating it can be to find a place to lay your head even for one night.

Same goes for finding an apartment quickly.

Luckily, New York has no shortage of available apartments.

Unfortunately, not all of them are easy to get. Unscrupulous landlords, shady contracts, and outright scammers are waiting for situations like this. If they catch you when you’re desperate, you’re an easy target.

Even in the best circumstances, things will go wrong. Plan for them, and adapt as best as possible.

Money will be needed. Depending on the place, an excess of cash or credit may be necessary. Both is preferable, but that may be wishful thinking.

Two girl friends riding their bicycles along The East River in New York City.
Ask your friends about how they found their last place.

If you can afford it, check into a hotel or an airbnb for a short time so that you give yourself an opportunity to get your paperwork, money, and mind right before making a big move.

Utilize Social Media

Social media’s purpose is to connect people. It’s invaluable in an emergency. Connecting to a vast network of friends, and friends of friends, opens you up to a realm of possibilities that may not exists if you tackle this problem alone.

Young woman using a smartphone in Brooklyn Heights
Use CribRater to find your next apartment to avoid broker fees and misinformation

Utilize Online Help

Apps and sites like CribRater help you find a place to stay in a hurry because there’s a pre-filtering process, and a lot of the leg work is cut out.

Look for Temporary Apartments

Short term leases, even as short as a month, are available. They’ll cost more than a long-term apartment, but at least you’ll have time to get settled and to refocus your efforts on finding permanent residence.