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Feng Shui To Improve Your Living Space

Color is the essence of every room design. When you first set out to plan your room, the first thought is usually the color. However many apartment renters overlook the importance of using color to improve the living space, or as we like to call it the color feng shui. If you look at the color of the room and furniture as feelings, then you can harness the emotions you feel from the color to re-create that feeling in your apartment.

Here we list our 8 feng shui guides for using color to improve your living space. Set the tone for each room in your apartment:

Feng Shui for Good Luck: Use the color Red


The conventional color of love, power, prosperity and good luck, red is the element “fire.” In terms of Feng Shui, red is said to bring happiness and excitement. But in apartments, you must use it thoughtfully. Interior designers strongly warn against using red or crimson in a bedroom, because it is a yang color that is active and can be too exciting. Instead, create a sense of awakening and use the color in a dining room, because it can assist in bringing out your passion and lust for food, resulting in more enjoyable meals.

Feng Shui for Focus or Composure: Use the color Blue


Blue comes in an unlimited amount of shades. Each shade and tone, while having an individual look, they all radiate emotions such as the sense of freedom or even serenity. Blue can provide a great atmosphere for providing free flowing energy. Master Feng Shui interior designers recommend using it in a master bath room to evoke a sense of composure. Another favorite location is the ceiling of a veranda scattered through or in a room where kids play. If you are having trouble selecting a color of blue, then you should look at your favorite shades of blue that you wear. Use your fashion sense as inspiration for that perfect color blue.

Feng Shui for A Social Hub: Use the color Orange


Orange can be a loud and bright color. It has elements of fire, like red, but is a little tamer, more based around socialization and engagement than passion. Orange works well in foyers and halls to create a dynamic energy, as it helps express motion. This helps people move through a space or to engage and converse there. Most interior designers will use orange as an accent, and in New York apartments it is prevalent on an accent well.

Feng Shui for To Feel Good: Use the color Yellow


Yellow can be mistaken often, as people see it as bright and loud. It actually signifies power and sparks well-being. Some people believe it also brings about fertility. Yellow is a terrific color for a home office as it is a nurturing colour that can help provide mental stimulation. Many designers will use yellow throws or pillows to add punch and give a positive vibe to any room.

Feng Shui for Prosperity: Use the color Purple


This cheery color has for ages been the color of royalty. Today it is often used in its lighter shades (like lavender or purple-grey). These tones often come off as refined and stylish. Purple signifies prosperity and designers propose using it in the more personal areas of your home, the rooms in your apartment for your inner circle and closest relatives.

 Feng Shui for Growth: Use the color Green

Green is a terrific all purpose color which signifies equilibrium, development, and prosperity in feng shui. Green has become very popular in New York apartments, particularly in kitchens and eating spaces. It showcases the creativity of the meal and can help aid in digestion.

Feng Shui for To Rent Your Apartment: Use the color White


The secret to renting an apartment is creating the canvas. White is seen as a canvas color, it allows people to visualize the space and see their own interpretation. It makes the renter think of a fresh start and it exudes cleanliness and freshness. A favorite of the New York interior designers is using white with soft colors such as purple and light blues, to provide the apartment with a friendly, welcoming feel.

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