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‘Fall-ify’ Your Home For Fall 2018

It’s that time of year again when the weather gets colder, the days get shorter and Starbucks breaks out the Pumpkin Spiced Lattes. And as much as we still long for the respite of the beach and summer vacations, we can’t deny the changing of the fall leaves that are trying to pull us out of vacation-mode and throw us into work-mode. Check out CribRater’s fall home trends to make the transition a little easier.

But the end of summer doesn’t mean that your playtime has to come to an end.

We’re really loving this year’s fall home décor styles, focused on making your living space as cozy and warm as possible while simultaneously achieving a modern and sophisticated look. If you’re looking to fall-ify your home this year to keep up to date with the latest trends, check out our list of our favorite ideas for the upcoming season.

Paint your walls a fall color.

Color change isn’t only for the leaves. Change up your wall paints to something a little more seasonal. Pick a room that needs a little sprucing up, and choose which wall will be your accent wall. For accents, we’re loving brunt orange, mustard, latte and crimson shades.

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If you’re not for matching the colors of Mother Nature, try out a deep plum or blue. Unlike traditional fall colors, these deep, cool shades will create a comforting, restful retreat for you as the nights get increasingly longer. Deep blues also do a nice job of bridging the gap between masculine and feminine if you’re looking to stay in a gender neutral palette.

For the more conservative, neutral colors are still in. Stick to light browns, grays and creams.

Wallpaper an accent wall.

Wallpaper is still hip. But rather than using it on every wall in a room, use it only on your accent wall or, if you’re feeling extra on-trend, on your ceiling. Bold patterned accent walls are great for showing off your unique style and incorporating a little bit of pattern in an otherwise pattern-less room. We recommend using bold patterns, strong geometric shapes or soft florals.

Black and white pattern wallpaper in bathroom with round mirror, gold and black sconce lighting, and black vanity.:

Layer your rugs.

Another way to give your home an extra touch of pattern is to invest in two rugs in places where you’d normally only use one. This is a really fun way to mix prints, patterns, colors and textures. When choosing your rugs, choose a solid, single-toned rug that fits your space and add a smaller, more patterned rug on top.

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Decorate with metallics.

Metallics have been in for a while, but this fall, don’t feel restricted to gold and bronze. Rose gold and silver are definitely trendy. Especially if you’re sticking to a cream or neutral palette, metallics will make your home feel clean and glamorous. Best places for metallics are statement lighting, knickknacks on display, furniture and pots for plants.

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Matte black fixtures.

Although metallics are great for decorations throughout your home, metal fixtures like faucets in matte black are really stunning. The best part of this look is that it plays beautifully in both a casual farmhouse look (we’ll get to that in a moment) and a modern look because the black matte elegantly contrasts with the glossy porcelains the rest of the sink or tub.

Lots of pillows and throws.

Pillows and blankets can make any space feel warm and liveable, so they fit in perfectly with the theme this fall. If you’re wondering what textures you should look for for your new pillows and throws, try faux furs, cable knits and velvets.

Americana Farmhouse

So what do you get when you take casual cozy and mix it with modern chic (other than something amazing)? The answer is this season’s top fab look: Americana Farmhouse. This look focuses on incorporating the warmth of the wild outdoors with natural wood elements that are both casual and sophisticated, animal prints and faux fur for throws and pillows, and the laidback, modern matte blacks for fixtures. Complement the look with some fresh flowers, and your home is made in the fall-time shade.

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If you love this look or tried it at home, let us know about it in the comments below!