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How To Use Color To Make Your Apartment Look Larger

Color is every designer’s best friend. I come from the marketing world and we were taught to use color to represent our brand or the emotions that we were trying to convey. In the world of real estate, color has many different connotations and meanings – particularly in design. The right color combination can create a different emotional and even depth perception to the renter or owner. This is why great designers and interior decorators have the ability to use color to make even the tiniest space appear big, airy, and appealing.

The right color is such a compelling aspect of design, that it has the power to produce a plausible impression on the home-owner or renter. By coupling improving hues with contrasting color or feature walls, you can quickly make your little room look spacious. I want to share a few tips that we have used to alter the perception of a room:

Using Color To Set The Tone In A Room

White with Accents

White areas usually look the largest. The color white is an ideal background since it so flexible. It goes with everything and nothing. It also stands up to deeper, remarkable furniture colors.


You might not love the idea of a completely bright room, and that is completely fine – since white lends itself well to bigger accents. With white, you may paint an accent wall and create the feeling that no other walls are closing in around you, even if space is small. As long as several partitions are whitened, your room will always look wide open.

Citrus tones

Yellow is an excellent color in small rooms, nevertheless, don’t go too dark or too bright. A subtle tone of orange, soft blueberry, or a pale, frothy yellowish is most effective. It’s greater with deeper contrasts also, particularly if you live in a narrow room.


Consider the way straight stripes shed weight around a rotund figure. Trust me, I have stolen this secret for many a suit. Stripes may make a narrow room look much bigger.

Shades of Color

Sea Shades

Sea foam green is particularly perfect, since it is effective with a lot of other tones, such as pink, blue, or even yellow. You may also utilize a deeper trim in the same range, utilizing a vibrant emerald, a wealthy forest green, or a vibrant glass container green. Blue is simply as flexible, particularly with white or light rugs or carpets. One thing we have done in our bedroom, is to use a white cut in our predominantly blue room to produce a sweet, classic look that immediately expanded the space. We also keep our draperies white, as it provides for a little more roominess.

sea shades

Pretty pastels

More feminine, pastel shades illuminate any space and provide the appearance of making the apartment or room much larger. Light pink, purple, peach and lilac or lavender are specifically lovely options to provide this effect. These cutesy colors may be a lot of on their own but when combined with accent accessories. I strongly recommend using throw pillows, rugs, and draperies to tie everything together.

Just because a room is little does not mean it has to feel little. Making use of natural lighting and lots of mirrors helps create the impression of spaciousness.


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