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Choosing Wall Coverings For Your Apartment

The walls are one of the most noticeable areas in a room. It is very important to choose the right type of wall treatment, which would be not only aesthetically pleasant, but durable and lasting. So how do you go about choosing wall coverings for your apartment?

Choosing Wall Coverings for your Apartment

Consider a statement wall for a bold look to add some spice without making the space look too busy. Those who choose to Keep Up with the Kardashians may recognize Kylie Jenner’s “Selfie Wall.” Kylie’s wall coverings use the Queen of Spain print in gold by Schumacher. We fell in love with this print after it has been showcased in thousands of selfies. However ringing in at $100 per yard, this wall covering must be taken seriously (and used sparingly)!

Choosing Wall Coverings for your Apartment 2

Choosing Wall Coverings for your Apartment1

Consider these simple tips, when choosing a wall covering for your room:

  • Choose washable surfaces for kitchen and bathroom, that withstand condensation and can be easily cleaned.
  • Wall treatments in children’s rooms should be able to resist to a rough treatment.
  • For corridors, stairs and halls choose wall treatments that can be easily refreshed since in these areas walls are often scuffed.
  • For bedrooms and living rooms pick more delicate wall coverings.

Choosing Wall Coverings for your Apartment 3

  • Avoid patterned wallpaper and tiles in the properties where walls are not perfectly “true”: patterns will highlight those imperfections.

Wall Coverings for Small Rooms

  • For small wall areas and those that are cut by several doors and windows, select pale colors and discreet textures and patterns.
  • Bold colors and patterns look best on large surfaces:
  • Alternatively, bold patterns and colors can also be used in very small rooms, such as guest bathrooms, since they will distract attention from the tiny size of the space.

Choosing Wall Coverings for your Apartment 4

  • Avoid small patterns on the large wall surfaces, since they will tend to disappear and become indistinct. I recommend such wall coverings for small wall surfaces:
  • Large geometric patterns may look eye-boggling, make sure you test large samples in the actual interiors before purchasing.
  • Check the overall effect of pattern. The best solution will be to put several width side-by-side and see how it looks on a large surface.
  • Check wallpaper or paint sample against each wall and during different time of the day. This is important as direction and level of light can play amazing tricks.