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2016 New York Apartment Design Trends

Here at CribRater, we are privy to may of the New York apartment design trends. Some are emerging or developing a cult-like following. We list the 5 things we have seen happen in 2016 and want to discuss if they will become fashion or fad.

Top 5 2016 New York Apartment Design Trends


Marble is so hot right now. The more marble the better. If a new marble kitchen or bathroom isn’t in your budget, try classing up your home with marble accents. This trend is all about small touches of luxury. Think: candleholders, coasters, planters, and super fancy kitchen accessories. Check out these Crate and Barrel French marble accents that will add instant glam to your crib.

marble accents 2 marble accents

2. TV Free Living Rooms

Could a TV-free living room be on the path to making America great again? Probably not, but we love the retro feel and charm. If your space allows for it, save the TV for the office, den or even the bedroom (perish the thought!) and leave the living room entertainment-free for an updated look and peace of mind.

tv free living rooms2 tv free living rooms


We know most NYC apartments have bathrooms the size of phone booths. But if you can make this trend work with your space you won’t regret it. Considering adding living room accessories, like a pouf, lamp or a side chair to make your bathroom into another living area. Your bath zone will feel homier and full of life.

bathrooms like living rooms2 bathrooms like living rooms

Improve Your Finishes


Matte anything is popular now from fashion to home appliances. Incorporate matte finishes into your crib for a modern, fresh look. Samsung and LG have a range of matte kitchen appliances that will make your stainless steel appliances look like it belongs at the Salvation Army. Samsung has noted that many customers are using it to mix and match materials. In the kitchen, for example doing the range and microwave in black and the refrigerator and dishwasher in traditional stainless steel.

mattefinishes2 mattefinishes1


Once reserved for the over 75 crowd, a touch of floral print brings in a modern and cheery feel to any space. Think an accent wall or chair that will add a splash of color.

design trends design trends

If you have seen any other design trends that you like and would like to share contact us., If you would like to be a design writer for CribRater, please email us at Christie@CribRater.com