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10 Best Neighborhoods to Live in NYC

There is nothing quite like New York City – and nothing quite as expensive. Depending on what you can afford and where you want to live, certain neighborhoods are better than others. For example, do you want to be close to work? In a luxury building? Close to nightlife? All these factors go into where you can (afford) to live.

So, here are the 10 best neighborhoods to live in New York City based on cost of living, education, crime rates, employment statistics, and access to different amenities.

Greenwich Village

The beauty and vitality of Washington Square Park is heightened under a rare dramatic cloudy sunset in summertime.

This charming NYC spot is home to the creative community, New York University, and the LGBT movement. But, Greenwich Village keeps its community feel while boasting lively restaurants and venues.

Brooklyn Heights

A View from idyllic Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn, New York City, USA. Short depth of field.

Just steps off of the Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Heights runs along the East River and has a quaint, historic feel. This spot is close to Manhattan but has more than 600 pre-Civil War houses. It’s a popular spot for families, too.


New York City, NY, USA - December 3, 2015: Pedestrians, locals, tourists on Lafayette street. Women with purses and shopping bags.

Named for its location – north of Houston Street – NoHo is a primarily residential area with an upscale vibe. It’s nestled in between Greenwich Village and East Village and has become a popular spot for celebrities. In fact, Charles Dickens, the Vanderbilts, and Washing Irving once called NoHo their home. But thanks to the celebrity residents, rent prices are steeper here than other NYC neighborhoods.


Soho scene in New York

Quite possibly the trendiest neighborhood in NYC, SoHo is a food and fashion-lover’s paradise. Located south of Houston, SoHo is frequented by celebrities and creative alike. Like NoHo, though, the cultural amenities make it less affordable than other areas.

Murray Hill

View of the Midtown Manhattan at sunny day.

In the mid-19th century, Murray Hill was considered the most “uptown” neighborhood in Manhattan. As a result, it gained a very elite status. But during the 1990s, younger postgraduate residents began flocking to Murray Hill and it now has a reputation for great restaurants, shops, and nightlife.

Financial District

Wall street sign in New York with New York Stock Exchange background

Though the Financial District is home to NYC’s financial spots like the Federal Reserve Bank and the New York Stock Exchange, it’s increasingly becoming a popular spot for residents. Thanks to its close proximity to the Staten Island ferry and numerous subway lines, the Financial District is perfect for those looking for easy access to transportation. This NYC neighborhood is also becoming a popular spot for great restaurants a nightlife.


Manhattan bridge seen from a narrow alley enclosed by two brick buildings on a sunny day in summer

Dumbo is an acronym for “down under the Manhattan Bridge overpass”. This neighborhood is located between the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge. Dumbo has become a favorite among NYC residents thanks to its enviable location, easy access to Brooklyn and Manhattan, and booming tech community.


New York City, NY, USA - December 3, 2015: Pedestrians, locals, tourists on Lafayette street. Women with purses and shopping bags.

Nolita is the area just north of Little Italy. It slowly transitioned away from being part of Little Italy and became its own area – separate from NoHo. Nolita is a favorite among young adults and models yet it’s generally more affordable than other trendy neighborhoods such as NoHo and SoHo.

Battery Park City

This one is from New York City. Clicked from Battery Park in lower Manhattan, Historic park with Ellis Island & Statue of Liberty views & ferry service to both islands. Beautiful really rare sunset with sun nearing horizon. Very beautiful site few joggers still running on the jogging track. Battery park is the port from where you catch the ferry to the great liberty island, Statue of Liberty.

Located just along the bank of the Hudson River in lower Manhattan, Battery Park City is a planned community. It is primarily inhabited by a slighter older crowd and is a great place for families.



Meaning “triangle below Canal Street”, Tribeca is known as a safe and upscale residential neighborhood. This area attracts families thanks to its location and easy access to every lower Manhattan area. Tribeca is known for their converted commercial warehouses and businesses – also known as lofts.

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